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This PowerPoint presentation, Intro to SEO, received a lot of positive feedback, including from the user experience group. (I’m including it here as an example of how I use PowerPoint.)

The meeting lasted about 30 minutes, including questions and discussion. I presented it a few times (to, for example, online marketing, user experience and web developer teams).

The idea of the presentation was to “…teach a man to fish…” by describing the big picture (“the 3 pillars of SEO”) rather than listing hundreds of individual SEO guidelines.

Content Optimization Slide Image

Content Optimization

(Skip to the SEO 101: A Primer presentation below, if you like.)

Link Building Slide showing Signpost

Link Building

The amount and quality of search engine visits (compared to other channels) for the specific website should be added. (These were in my original.)

Download SEO 101 here (a 3.9 MB Powerpoint presentation). Or SEO 101 on Slideshare, or SEO 101 on Google Docs. The Notes pages can be useful, too.


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