KPI: SEO Benchmark

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“I want more visits from Google”. That could mean 1% more visits.

Does 1% more visits than last year justify your SEO effort and cost?

Should the SEO team get a big bonus or a little one if organic search visits grew by 1% compared to last year?

What about 1 visit? That’s “more visits”, too.

What if you knew that the number of searches in the U.S. grew by 8% over the last 12 months? Would you change your response?

One percentage point compared to overall search query growth of 8% looks not so good (to me). Anything less than 8% means we are losing ground in organic search. Anything close to 8% means we are keeping up. If we are not doing any SEO, that is okay.

Why 8%? Because comScore, an Internet market research firm, says so. The number of search queries in the U.S. increased 8% over the year-ago period for the last 12 months.

Data-Driven Decision: PPC

A quick and easy example of the process of making a “data-driven decision” with Google Analytics data. The Google AdWords pay-per-click (“PPC”) advertising program has been running for awhile. It contains two campaigns, NonBrand and Brand. I’d like to know:…

KPI: Goal Values

I want to make data-based decisions about my site in a cost-effective way.

This post walks through a simple way to answer the question: How do I calculate Per Visit Goal Value?

Or: What number do I enter for goal value in Google Analytics?

I used imperfect data to very quickly calculate a reasonable goal value that I used to evaluate the effectiveness of different traffic sources to my site.

Roadmap: In-House SEO

SEO Plan for In House SEO

“A picture is worth 1,000 words”, especially if it is pretty. I designed the plan below for an in-house SEO program that I helped develop. The idea came from one of my colleagues based on the concept of a technology…

PowerPoint: SEO 101

Don't Block the Bot from SEO 101

This PowerPoint presentation, Intro to SEO, received a lot of positive feedback, including from the user experience group. (I’m including it here as an example of how I use PowerPoint.) The meeting lasted about 30 minutes, including questions and discussion. I…